Music, Arts and Drama

Teaching values and responsibility.

Music and Drama

At Talmud Torah, we promote the development of talent through visual arts, dramatic arts, music and performance. Students are encouraged to develop their artistic vision, using their voices, and bodies to tell stories, convey emotions and express ideas. Beginning in kindergarten, musical performances, class presentations and plays are highlights of their educational experience, culminating in the highly anticipated Grade 6 French musical theatre production. All of these engaging programs enable students to build invaluable performance and public speaking skills in a safe, fun, and creative environment.

Our music program, designed specifically for Talmud Torah, allows our children to experience the joy of music. Through active participation in song, dance and playing musical instruments, our students learn to express themselves confidently and creatively.

Students begin in Kindergarten where they have been introduced to the Suzuki Violin Method. A private teachers teaches a small group of students to play together, to learn to follow a leader, play music games and review music. A recital is held at the end of the sessions where students are proud to demonstrate the news skills they have learned.

In Cycle One, we focus on the theme of seasons, animals and self portraits. Students begin to develop artistic techniques while working with mixed media materials such as pastels, opaque watercolours, acrylics. They experiment and begin to understand the effect each one has on different paper textures.

In Cycle Two, students continue to delve further into the various techniques and are given the opportunity to work with new materials with which to broaden their learning. The program culminates in a cross curricular “extravaganza” where students showcase their newly acquired skills within a French cultural presentation.

In Cycle Three, students work on a year long project that is presented at the end of the year. Students learn about impressionism, abstract and modern painting techniques before reproducing impressive masterpieces of renowned artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Magritte, Dali and Miro amongst many others. Students are encouraged to experiment as they learn about the effects and possibilities of the different tools. Students work is showcased across the curriculum in all presentations and chagigot. Senior students showcase their new skills, techniques and talents at their very own vernissage!