Approach to Learning

Dynamic. Innovative. Challenging.

Bringing Innovation to the classroom through challenge based learning

We have embarked upon a revolutionary new model of teaching called Challenge Based Learning. Beginning in Talmud Torah and continuing through Herzliah, our teachers are empowered to apply the most effective practices in student learning, engagement and skill development. Teachers inspire students to become independent learners by assigning real-life, authentic challenges. This method both responds to and encourages children’s innate curiosity about the “why” of an issue at hand, resulting in thoughtful connections between ideas.

Academic excellence is our highest priority. Our curriculum is taught in both French and English together with a strong focus on Jewish studies. Talmud Torah’s educational program incorporates engineering, science, mathematics, literature, writing, art, music, tikkun olam, physical education and technology, all to ensure a positive and well-rounded learning experience for each student.