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When mathematics becomes child’s play.

At Talmud Torah, our mathematics program is defined by a wide variety of learning activities. The program in in complete compliance with the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES) requirements. We begin at the preschool level where children play, they are exploring and manipulating shapes, colours and numbers.

They learn how to classify, how to follow rules and, with the help of teachers, how to solve problems. In order to encourage the children to think, our teachers challenge them with problems appropriate for their age and understanding. Children are challenged with thought provoking questions that can be addressed by drawing on previous knowledge. Time is spent discussing and defining the challenges.

These interactive challenges peak the children’s curiosity while helping the students to become self sufficient creative thinkers. As our students navigate the elementary school curriculum they are exposed to strong comprehension based learning and challenged by authentic problem solving situations. In this way our student integrate mathematical understanding and reasoning into their daily lives.

Technology is a valuable tool for supporting this challenge based learning approach. It is an essential tool in supporting student comprehension of important concepts, and processes and enhances students’ efficiency in carrying out the tasks assigned to them. In addition, assignments that are accessible on tablets, whiteboards and computers are ideal for interactive and/or group work.

Math competitions provide an added dimension of the curriculum. Students have the opportunity to compete with students across the province, and the nation. Our successes in these competitions further validates our outstanding program.