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Message from the Director of Development

I have had the good fortune of being a proud member of the Talmud Torah | Herzliah family for over four decades. This community nurtured me as a student, welcomed me as a parent and continues to inspire me as an adult. My connection to this community has always been my impetus for me to take on leadership roles. It was this commitment that my three children witnessed and it is this model that they emulate to this day. From alumna to Mom, from committee member to President, each step of the journey solidified my love of and commitment to the Talmud Torah | Herzliah family. My journey has come full circle as I now take on the professional role of Director of Development.

Throughout my journey, I have been consistently inspired by the dedication and commitment of the administrative team, the passion of the educators and the creativity and enthusiasm of our students. Most of all, I am awed by our incredibly generous donors, whose gifts transform lives every day. It is they who enable quality innovative programming and enriching Jewish experiential opportunities. It is they who support tuition assistance and fund extra-curricular activities. It is they who were instrumental in helping build the new Herzliah. Our donors allow us to dream the dreams and ensure that we realize them.

It is truly an honour for me to be able to partner with all of you in continuing to build and strengthen this unique and special school system.

Monica Mendel Bensoussan ’82

Director of Development