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Thank You to Our Donors


On behalf of all the students and families whose lives have been impacted by your gift, we extend our warmest thanks and deepest gratitude to all of YOU – our donors. Your generosity, support and commitment to Jewish education speaks volumes and enables our schools to continue to fulfill their vision and mission. We are grateful for your partnership in investing in our leaders of tomorrow.


Thank you to all our donors for supporting the 
Talmud Torah | Herzliah 2019-2020 Annual Campaign

Proxim | Emmanuel Abikhzer Tracey Winter and Shai Adam Heather Adelson Bluma Akerman Memorial Fund Dex Clothing | Nathalie Assouline et Jacky Alloul Nathalie Attias et Me Serge AmarAmro Aluminium ✹ Anonymous ✹ Galit et Joseph Antebi Linda Argalgi Irina and Gregory Azancot ’86 Me Muriel Librati et Laurent Azoulay Jessica et Steeve Azoulay ’95 ✹ The Azrieli Foundation ✹ Hedva and David Azerad  ’83 and Family Cathy and Ofer Josh Baazov and Family ✹ Paula Sarah Brami et Rafael Bellolo ✹ Gabrielle et Isaac Bendayan ✹ Monica Mendel ’82 and Haim Bensoussan ✹ Bruno Benzaquen Florence et Dr Michael Benzazon Ian Berg Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Berger Ms. Jordana Bernstein BMW West Island Sylvia Oiknine et David Bokobza Phi Plastic Surgery | Dr. Perry Gdalevitch and Daniel Bolshoy Eve Rochman and Richard Boretsky ✹ Catherine and Malcolm Butters ’77 ✹ Anonymous ✹ Dr et Mme Sylvain Chemtob Famille Obadia Ciocilteu Mr. Jeffrey Climan ’98 Clobracon Leonard and Alice Cohen Family Foundation The Cummings Centre for Seniors La Famille Danino Dyna and Morris Dalfen Family Foundation Deloitte LLP Elan Dresher ’67 Editions Phidal Inc.Eldee Foundation Bruce Engel ✹ Anonymous ✹ Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Tsafrir and Dr. Karen Gazith Sarit Assouline and Andrew Gelber Dr. Eleanor Elstein and Dr. Brian Gilfix ✹ The Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation ✹ Mrs. Eleanor GrumbergMVA Power Inc. | Marc Hadid Illana and Steve Haupt H. W. Hollinger (Canada) Inc. Hyundai Saint-Laurent Isherpa Natasha and Morris Jacobson ’87 and Family The Jamlet Foundation | Edward Lohner The Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal Aviva Orenstein ’91 and Dr. Michael Kalin Pacific Coast Capital Inc. | Gil Kimel Ms. Harriet Kirshenblatt ✹ The Kracauer Family Foundation ✹ Tracy Lohner and Neil Kravitz The Krackovitch-Pellatt Family ✹ Anonymous ✹ Isabel Deich and Zohar Krivorot ✹ Dr. Brian Lang ’79 ✹ Dr. Victoria Kaspi and Dr. David Langleben ✹ The Lederman Foundation ✹ Sharon Mashaal and Richard Leon ✹ Laurence et Bernard Lévy-Soussan et Famille ✹ Anonymous ✹ Heather and Howard Liebman ’90 Susan Orenstein ’71 and Bennett Little Josh Lurie  ✹ Dunton Rainville | Me Aaron Makovka Howard Manis ’82 Dr. Stuart Marcovitch ’89 ✹ Anonymous ✹ Anna Joseph Mendel Dean ’84 and Andrea Mendel Pearl and Leonard Mendel Family Foundation Liraz and Michael Mire Mrs. Nancy Morin Martin Nadler Obadia & Associates | Ylana and Gill Obadia Stephanie and Neil Oberman ORT Montreal Pavilion Investment Advisory Group M. Paul Perel Pharmascience Inc. Mrs. Shani Pinto Pizza Pita | Living Room ✹ Quesys Inc. ✹ Sylvia and Ted Quint Ryan Rabinovitch ’97 Tracey Rashkovan ’79 and Barry Rashkovan and Family RBC Shantale et Daniel Revah RH Webster Foundation Roberta Ross Estee and Eric Rossdeutscher ✹ Dr. Bonnie E. Gould Rothberg ’86 ✹ Tova Havis and Andrew Rotheram Joelle Sacksner ’89 and Martin Sacksner ’86 and Family Sylvie Sauvageau School Bus on Time Efren Schwarz ScotiaMcleod Scotia Wealth Management ✹ Anonymous ✹ Sonia et Steve Sebag Joel Segal ✹ Mallary and Mark Segall ✹ Sylvia et Lionel Serruya Shelley Weinzweig Sherman ’81 and Dr. Mark Sherman ’80 Kathy Myron and Jonathan Sigler ’73 Tali Chemtob and Adam Silverman Solaria Shawna Goodman Sone and Todd Sone Anna and  Lionel Soussan ’90 ✹ Dr. Cynthia Stolovitz ’79 and Cliff Stendel ’77 ✹ Mrs. Manya Stendel in honour of Jake Stendel ’18 Kodem Developments Inc. | Benjamin Sternthal ✹ Famille TapieroEdith et Dr. Eric Teboul TEJ Foundation Rebecca and Dr. Marty Teltscher ’94 Michelle and Baruch Toledano and Family Tanya Toledano ’88 and  Ron Toledano Murray Treiser ’70 Top Marks | Howard Vineberg Deborah Abecassis ’87 and Dr. Paul Warshawsky ✹ Pharmacie Jean Coutu | Joelle Wizman ✹ Dr. Jacqueline Joza and Mr. Richard Yufe ✹ Anonymous ✹