Movement and Physical Ed

Athletics is a key to physical and emotional development.

The Talmud Torah physical education program is designed to foster an interest in physical fitness and healthy competitive play while at the same time instilling in our students perseverance, good sportsmanship, and team spirit. Our skilled staff ensure that students have full access to a wide range of age-appropriate activities that focus on building their skills and confidence both inside and outside the gym. Students have the chance to receive one-on-one guidance from the teacher to learn the skill at the pace that is necessary for them. Each lesson is composed of an introductory activity, a new skill and /or rule for the sport and an activity or game.

Exercise, a key to physical and emotional development, is promoted throughout the school. In addition to exercising in the gym, once a month grades 1-6 have a health lesson in the classroom covering topics that are important for their emotional, social, environmental and physical wellness. Kindergarten children enjoy a class walk in the fresh air every day, weather permitting. Stretching and yoga has been introduced into the classrooms and movement is encouraged at every recess.

Senior students have the opportunity to participate in the Wolves Elementary School Basketball League (WESBL) that holds regular competitions amongst other Montreal Jewish elementary schools. We are very proud of our teams!