Fees and Tuition Assistance

Making Jewish education accessible.

Tuition Fees for the 2023-2024 School Year:

  • Kindergarten: $10,600
  • Elementary (Grades 1 – 6): $12,400

Additional Fees Per Student

  • Home and School Association fee: $25
  • Security and technology fee: $200
  • Fundraising deposit: $450 reimbursed to parents, upon request, after fundraising for an equivalent amount

Additional Fees Per Family

  • Building fund: $1,500 payable ($375/year for the first four years)

Tuition Assistance Programs:

At Azrieli Schools Talmud Torah | Herzliah we are committed to providing access to a high-quality Jewish education to as many community members as possible. We allocate significant funds to tuition assistance each year and offer the Federation CJA Generations Fund CAPS Program and the JCAPS Program. Please find information about the programs available for the 2024-2025 school year:

Middle Income Grant for CAPS
This program freezes the tuition for each student based on the financial situation of each family and the number of students they have enrolled in Jewish Day Schools. Financial information must be entered at generationsfund.ca before the deadline to be eligible for this program. The CAPS Program is made possible through the generosity of the Federation CJA, the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal, and generous donors. To access the CAPS tuition grid, please click here. Please note that the application deadline for CAPS is April 1, 2024, at noon. To access the CAPS grid, click here.

JCAP Financial Aid
The JCAPS platform is designed to help eligible families access Jewish affordability programs through a single centralized portal. The information provided in the online application will be analyzed based on predetermined criteria by the JCAPS platform and the organization you select. Through this assessment, JCAPS will determine whether the applicant is eligible for financial aid and the individual assistance amount. Registration for JCAP opens on October 2023; families that wish to apply for tuition assistance must do so before April 30, 2024, at noon by clicking here. Please note that families who do not apply within the allocated time will not be eligible to receive tuition assistance.

Important Deadlines:
CAPS – April 1, 2024, at noon
JCAPS – April 30, 2024, at noon

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our Head Office at 514-739-2291, ext. 232.