Jewish Studies

The path to Jewish continuity.
Talmud Torah boasts a vibrant Jewish Studies program that deeply impacts each student’s identity, sense of morality and spirituality, while strengthening each child’s personal connection to Israel and the global Jewish community. Hebrew is taught Ivrit b’Ivrit, beginning in Kindergarten. Students learn Torah, Hebrew language and literature, and Jewish cultures and traditions.

Jewish festivals are celebrated by our diverse school population, allowing our students to learn and appreciate different practices from our various backgrounds and communities, all under one roof.

Daily tefillah at every grade level ensures that our students learn their prayers and are comfortable using the siddur. We are proud of our strong history of success in the Yehoshua Friedberg Bible Contest.

Tikkun Olam

Community service is an important core value at Talmud Torah. Students understand and express the spirit of giving from the heart. Our students appreciate the opportunity to entertain senior citizens at hospitals, help out at MADA, raise money for important global causes and embrace creative outreach projects.

Grade Level Chagigot

At each grade level, students showcase one holiday for their parents. These chagigot, filled with song, dance and dramatic arts, remain with students as fond memories well into adulthood.

  • Kindergarten: Chanukah Chagigah
  • Grade One: Chagigat HaSiddur
  • Grade Two: Chagigat Bereisheet
  • Grade Three: Melaveh Malka
  • Grade Four: Chagigat Israel
  • Grade Five: Chagigat Masoret
  • Grade Six: Special Graduation Cantata