Fostering learning, communication and collaboration.
The cozy Talmud Torah library is a peaceful haven where it is not only possible to enjoy a good novel or explore the fascinating world of documentaries, but also to draw images or play interactively on an electronic tablet such as an iPadTM. Electronic devices are programmed with educational games, enabling students to learn while they play in a controlled, supporting and creative environment.

It is also a magical place where classes can come to discover new authors and listen to stories. Every visit offers renewed pleasure for both young and old! The library is a quiet space where students come to choose reading material at their level and according to their interests, find information needed for projects or simply sit back and read newly borrowed books.

At noon recess, the library becomes a Reading Club where interested student come to quietly read, discuss a story among themselves, do their homework, seek advice from the librarian on new material or use the iPadsTM.

Our librarian guides the students to appropriate and interesting reading materials. We are fortunate to have a wide variety of books which will satisfy our students’ inquisitive minds.

Happy reading!