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What inquiring minds need to know.

The goal of our science and technology program is to help our students understand and adapt to the world in which they live. Science and technology is all around us and is ever changing. Science and technology can be found in every aspect of our daily lives. We help our students to become aware of this and to appreciate how science and technology have contributed to the development of society. Our program provides an introduction to scientific and technological by challenging ours students to hypothesize, question, examine, research, discover and draw conclusions.

Scientific and technological work calls for creativity, trial and error, an open mind and the ability to think critically and solve problems. By engaging in these types of intellectual processes while exploring problems in their environment, the students will gradually learn to use the types of reasoning associated with scientific and technological activity and come to appreciate the nature of these activities while acquiring the languages used in science and technology.

Our students gain important skills across the grades. Senior students at Talmud Torah elementary school proudly showcase their science projects to family and friends at the highly anticipated annual Science Fair. The scientific experiments chosen expose students to a broad range of opportunities for scientific inquiry and concepts in physics and chemistry that apply to the world around them.

The program encourages children to adopt the scientific method as they test concepts in physics, biology or chemistry. The Talmud Torah Science Fair program is unique in the Montreal landscape of elementary schools and the number and variety of projects showcased make this an impressive event.