You heard it here first!

We got so much more than we ever expected when we sent our children to Talmud Torah and Herzliah. We received a solid academic program, supported by a culture of fabulous and thought provoking extra curricular activities. The result being children who are flourishing and blossoming in their growth, developing a strong sense of identity and belonging to this Jewish institution. We are incredibly proud to be part of the Talmud Torah | Herzliah family!

Yael Levy

In the past 5 years as part of the Talmud Torah family, our children have continuously been inspired, have grown personally and academically, developed ongoing friendships and have learned to nurture their Jewish identity. Talmud Torah professionals are true to their core values and have earned our trust and respect as an organization that you WANT your children to be part of and contribute.

Shlomi and Sabine Levy

After investigating our many options, we chose to our son to Talmud Torah. The feeling you get when you meet the staff is a sense of security. The promotion of love of learning, love of Israel and compassion for their students is at the core of what they do. This has made all the difference in our lives and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to continue the legacy by offering my children a Jewish education.

Shirley Dayan Lassner

Talmud Torah | Herzliah is a truly special school to our family. You feel the warmth as soon as you enter the front doors. The teachers & staff are loving, caring and obviously love what they do. They know how to bring out the best in their students. Our kids feel at home.

Karen Wahnoun-Mamane

I know it’s summer but I’m looking forward to going back to school so I can play with all my friends at the same time.

Leah Vanounou

When people ask me how my kids are doing at school, I tell them that with all 4 children in Talmud Torah and Herzliah, it is a true testament to how we feel about this wonderful institution: the high-standard and innovative educational system, the support from staff and teachers, the sense of belonging to one big family where everyone feels like they belong and are being looked out for, which helps us, the parents, grow our kids to be the best they can be and deserve to be…it’s really priceless! So the answer I usually give them is “They are all at Talmud Torah and Herzliah and they’re doing great!

David Janowski