Jewish Court of All Time

Bringing the past and the present.

Jewish Court of All Time (JCAT) is a unique and innovative program in which middle school students across North America assume the roles of historical figures to debate a current hot topic. The program utilizes an integrated social platform to enable students to actively engage with peers as they debate current events through the lens of their assigned character. – RAVSAK

Talmud Torah is the only Jewish Day school in Montreal that participated in JCAT this past year. This interesting experience exposed students to different personalities in history. JCAT allowed our students to explore modern day dilemmas and analyze them through the eyes of the figures that were chosen. Grade 6 students researched personalities such as Robert Oppenheimer, Moshe Dayan, Marc Chagall, Anna Freud and more. The students expressed the opinions of these characters in arguing one particular situation to offer different point of views. Students developed their critical thinking abilities as they defended their argument, commented on other students ideas and learned to engage with others from one of the 25 schools that participated across North America.