French instruction for life in Quebec and beyond.
Language programs support the students’ development of linguistic competencies. They provide students with an effective environment in which to construct their own identity, an opportunity to develop an appreciation for the richness of culture and a vehicle to become responsible citizens. Students live in society, and language is their principal means of interacting with the world around them. It allows them to relate to young people and adults alike, from near and far. Language opens a window on the world and on knowledge itself. It fosters growth in that it contributes to the affirmation and development of the students’ personal, social and cultural identity. It also helps students to organize their thoughts and enables them to describe and express their ideas, perceptions and feelings. Furthermore, language helps them to build as well as to share their own world-view.

Herzliah High School is focused on enriching the level of French language skills of students through a teaching and learning model that guarantees the consolidation of essential learning and its transfer. In accordance with the MEES requirements we focus on strengthening skills in three global areas: reading strategies, written expression and oral expression.

Herzliah offers an enriched French program in both its English section and its French section

In the French section, different levels of French language of instruction are offered to accommodate all the prescribed requirements and to motivate learners according to their learning ability. The enriched level, called “Classique” and is a homogeneous group made up of strong language learners who advance their knowledge through the study of literature. The regular level, called “Langue maternelle” is a heterogeneous group in which the principle of differentiated instruction is applied in order to meet the respective needs of each student.

In the English section, there are two different levels: Immersion enrichie and Immersion régulière that encourage young anglophones to deepen their competence according to their language skills in French. Both sections promote an appreciation of French and Quebec cultures. All students in the English section who attain a 85% average in French are welcome to move into the French section courses.