Israel Engagement

Appreciating. Engaging. Advocating.

Herzliah is proud to unveil its groundbreaking Israel Engagement initiative. This program, designed for all  high school students, is integrated into our Judaic studies curriculum. The program focusses on three key areas

  • Appreciating our homeland
  • Engaging with Israel
  • Advocating for Israel

This important program is designed to provide students with the history of the Jewish people, specifically in  relation to  the state of  Israel and its people.  Student will also learn about contemporary issues related to Modern Israel, including its many contributions to the world and  complex issues such as the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. Most important, students will develop skills and strategies to advocate for Israel at CEGEP, on university campuses and beyond.

Our students will graduate with a fundamental understanding of our long and often challenging yet exciting history as well as robust knowledge of Modern Israel and its role on the world’s stage.  Finally, students will leave our school with the ability to advocate for Israel with knowledge and confidence and with a deep understanding of the many complexities that Israel faces on a daily basis.