Math and Science

Excellence, creativity and forward-thinking.


Herzliah is proud to offer excellent academic programs, tailored to meet the needs of our wide range of learners. Our Mathematics program follows the all ministerial requirements in an enhanced and rigorous curriculum. We also have a specialized first cycle program available which offers additional support for emerging math learners. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt our programs to the needs of our students. We give our students a solid foundation, which serves them well as they move on to higher mathematics. Beyond the curriculum, our students can choose to participate in the Math Club and several Math competitions, at the local,national and international levels.

Success in Mathematics Competitions

Each year our students participate in a series of National and International Math competitions. In particular, our senior students score impressively in the International Pascal Math Contest, with Herzliah regularly placing in the top 25%.

Recent achievements of our Secondary IV students include:

  • Silver medal, Kangaroo Canada International Competition
  • First place, Montreal Region at the Waterloo CEMC Math Contest
  • Third place ranking, Secondary IV Government Mathematics exam


Herzliah’s science program continues to be a hallmark of excellence, creativity and innovation. The annual highlight is our highly acclaimed science fair that showcases close to 100 creative projects in science and technology. Projects range from life and health sciences to physics, math and engineering; from computer and earth sciences to biotechnologies. Our students are routinely invited to national and international competitions, where their forward-thinking presentations consistently place at the top.

We at Herzliah believe that a our hands on approach to Science and technology will help our students become tech savvy and provide them with indispensable skills  that will ensure they are successful not only here but later in life as well. The “completeness” of our programs allows us to support our students in developing disciplinary skills so they are more than ready for CEGEP. We fundamentally believe that preparation involves not only an academic component but also the development of skills and abilities that enable the student to act with relevance throughout his life.  We dedicate close to 200 hours of instruction time in Science and technology in Cycle one in an environment where they are constantly called to develop this aspect of their academic training. In cycle 2 and 3, we offer an enriched Science program where students can acquire the knowledge and prerequisites to apply to all pre-University and career oriented Science programs. Herzliah’s science program continues to be a hallmark of excellence, creativity and innovation. One of the highlights of our curriculum is our highly acclaimed science fair.