Nos meilleurs ambassadeurs.

Where are they now? Our graduates go on to excel in all areas of higher education as well as in the workplace. At Talmud Torah | Herzliah we love to celebrate their achievements. Below you can find a sampling of some of their accomplishments.

Graduates, please keep in touch and share your successes, your adventures and more. You can contact Limor Elkoby at advancement@azrieli-tth.ca or 514-739-2291.

Elliot Saleh, 2011

Université de Laval, Médecine Dentaire

Durant mes années à Herzliah, les enseignants m’ont toujours inspiré et m’ont motivé à atteindre mes buts. Leur confiance en moi m’ont poussé à dépasser mes objectifs. Tout cela m’a bien préparé pour le défi à l’Université McGill dans le programme d’Ergothérapie, suivi par mon admission à la Médecine Dentaire.

Dana Ben David, 2010

McGill Architecture

It was at Herzliah that I formed close and enduring friendships with my classmates and I was free to explore and cultivate my passions – drama,voice, dance and art. I benefited from an excellent education – all in a warm and nurturing environment. Herzliah prepared me for CEGEP and beyond.

Julia Knafo, 2012

Université de Montréal, Faculté de droit

Ce qui m’a touchée le plus pendant mes années à Herzliah, c’est le fait que chacun de mes enseignants a consacré son temps à mieux me connaitre et à mieux connaitre mes objectifs académiques. Leur confiance en moi m’a motivée intrinsèquement et c’est grâce à cela, que j’ai atteint tous mes objectifs.

Laurent Elkrief, 2010

Université de Montréal, Faculté de médecine

I realized that work ethics I developed at Herzliah have allowed me to get to where I am today. However, the greatest gift that Herzliah gave me are the Jewish values that have inspired me to continue to give back to my community.

Nicole Raviv, 2010

New York University, Professional Studies

Aujourd’hui, alors que je poursuis une carrière musicale à New York, je suis extrêmement reconnaissante des bases que j’ai reçues à Herzliah ainsi que l’éducation juive qui me servira toute la vie.

Phil Kramer, 2012

McGill Medicine

I’ve been accepted into the Pre-med program at McGill and I honestly believe that it was the teachers at Herz who not only inspired me but challenged me and pushed me to pursue my dreams of becoming a doctor.

Matthew Jacobson, 2006

Investment Advisor

My years at Herzliah were some of the most important and best of my life. Looking back now, it’s incredible how privileged I was to receive an incredible education in an incredible environment. I still value many of the things I learnt over the years from my teachers today in my everyday life, and my closest friends are those from all the great years at Herzliah VSL. I’m a Huskie for life!