Looking forward together to an brighter future.

I am excited to be joining the Talmud Torah | Herzliah community. Although I have worked with the school in both professional and lay capacities, I now have the honour and opportunity to lead the incredible team that is Talmud Torah | Herzliah.

Talmud Torah and Herzliah truly represent our Montreal community and culture. The diversity of our student body creates a rich cultural mosaic, a microcosm of the Jewish population of the world today. Our rigorous tri-lingual academic program includes a strong Jewish studies program. Our talented professionals focus daily on ensuring that our students have access to a dynamic educational experience, equipping each student with the knowledge and skills to succeed not only in today’s fast-paced world, but also for the ever-changing world of tomorrow.

I am proud to be a part of this family, this community, and this incredible 120 year young learning institution. My personal and professional life has largely been centered around education and Jewish education. I am committed to strong and positive customer service, to ensuring our academic excellence and to securing the future of our Montreal Jewish community by graduating the leaders of tomorrow. Relationships are important to me as I believe that when we as administrators, as teachers and as parents, communicate and partner together, our students are the ones who benefit the most.

I am looking forward to leading this dedicated team of professionals to an even brighter future. I invite you to contact me or simply come say hello to me when we meet throughout the year.