Fees and Tuition Assistance

Making Jewish Education accessible.

Of utmost importance to all of us at Azrieli Schools is that all students deserve access to an excellent Talmud Torah | Herzliah education regardless of financial situation. We are proud to be able to offer tuition assistance to many families who request financial aid. Every school year, we provide nearly one million dollars of financial support to families in need across our system.

Talmud Torah | Herzliah is not alone in providing financial aid to our families. The Generations Fund’s CAPS program, a Federation CJA initiative, offers assistance to middle-income families by providing a tuition CAP / Freeze for eligible families. If you are a family with a combined annual household income above $75,000 who is requesting financial aid, we strongly encourage you to fill out the CAPS anonymous calculator to find out if you qualify.

To meet the financial aid needs of low-income families (combined household income under $75,000), we work with a third party objective assessor, Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST). FAST is our standard submission format for all applications and will evaluate each family’s financial position, providing a full analysis of your needs at any income level. Click here for direct access to FAST application.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our Head Office at 514-739-2291.

Herzliah fees and tuition guide